Top 10 Sources of Motivation

Sources of Motivation

Every now and then, even the strongest among us need a little boost to get through the day and if you are here reading this article then you are probably want to know or understand what are the best sources of motivation. Well, read on because we compiled a list of top ten sources for you.

sources of motivation

Motivation is the impetus for performing an action. Many plans go unfulfilled because of seemingly lack of motivation. There are several ways to look at the sources of motivation. However, motivation can be divided into two main different theories known as intrinsic (internal or inherent) motivation and extrinsic (external) motivation.
The two main theories of motivation:

Intrinsic Motivation:

The type of motivation that is derived internally is called intrinsic motivation. It is a self-desire passion to experience new things, analyze capacity and acquire knowledge. The intrinsic theory of motivation is driven by an interest or enjoyment in the task itself rather than reward. People with intrinsic motivation are driven to gain mastery.
The two necessary elements for intrinsic motivation are self-determination and an increase in perceived competence. An example of intrinsic motivation is when an ex-footballer decides to become a linesman because he wants to understand how match officials experience the game. The ex-footballer has the intrinsic motivation to gain more experience. Intrinsic motivation is long-lasting and self-sustaining.

Extrinsic Motivation:

Unlike Intrinsic motivation, extrinsic motivation comes from influences outside of the individual. This theory of motivation is based on rewards, cheering crowd, and competition. The individual using extrinsic motivation is motivated by external rewards that can include: benefits, financial rewards and avoid getting fired. Competition is an example of extrinsic motivation because it encourages the individual to win and beat others, instead of enjoying the growth, experience and other intrinsic rewards of engaging in the activity. The two main theories of motivation have been identified. Now, let us move into the practical sources of motivation at work and at home.

Ten sources of motivation

Practical sources of motivation at work and at home.

1. Environment
Some writers like to write in a very silent environment. Others prefer to go to Starbucks to get inspiration for their books. Generally, a well-lit, well-conditioned and moderately spacious room is a great environment for motivation at work.

2. Necessity
This is the lowest form of motivation. It is the motivation derived from the necessity of survival- the need to have food, cloth, and shelter. Although this is the least source of motivation, it is very powerful. When hungry, people can do crazy things. As an individual move up the Maslow’s pyramid, his necessities change. When it is necessary for a man to obtain an education, as can be seen in certain regions in Africa, in order to escape poverty, he will work harder to gain admission into college.

3. Fear
This is a powerful source of motivation. Most champions in the sporting world are driven by fear. The fear of failure has made many people spend hours at the gym, improving on their crafts. The fear of being in the same place for a long time is one of the most powerful factors for the unprecedented surge in the wealth distribution among millennial.

4. Revenge
It is often said that the best form of revenge is a massive success. Some of us, at some points in our lives, have been told that we can’t amount to anything worthwhile in life. This has been the motive behind some of the most powerful feats and records in recent times. Henry Ford was told he wasn’t good enough for elementary school. He would go on to have several patents to his name.

5. Vanity
Well, this often gets a bad rap. However, vanity can be a good source of motivation. Many people are highly concerned about how others perceive them. For example, a salesman is often judged by his appearance. Therefore, he may go an extraordinary length to look good to others. To achieve this, he may have to spend hours at the gym, buy expensive suits and have lunch at expensive restaurants.

6. Proving doubters wrong
As entrepreneurs, many people may not believe in our ideas and visions. However, a man who has developed sufficient conviction in his ideas and vision will be motivated to prove haters wrong. This is probably the driving force that makes Cristiano Ronaldo one of the best players in his generation. Many people believe Lionel Messi is the best, and as a result, Cristiano Ronaldo is continually thriving to prove viewers wrong by giving his best in every game he features.

7. Being of Service
This is intrinsic. Many entrepreneurs start businesses because they want to work directly with clients. They want to have a personal connection with their customers and feel that their businesses are impacting people and changing lives. They find being of service rewarding and highly motivating.

8. Altruism
If you want to give out your resources, you have to acquire them first. The motivation to engage in altruistic acts gets people to work harder to earn their money. This is intrinsic and a high level of motivation. Most people are content with giving few $20 notes to their favorite cause. However, if you are altruistic, you are driven to do more.

9. Mastery
This is perhaps the purest of motivation. This is the end goal of motivation. You may not start here but, if you are motivated enough, you will move past vanity, competition, and revenge, into mastery. Mastery is a never-ending source of motivation. Men like Isaac Newton often stayed hours on their projects (sometimes, they go days without eating). Motivation driven by mastery brings an individual into a state of peak performance.

10. Knowing the Why
When the road gets tough and it seems the big picture is fading, knowing the reason you got started in the first place may be the only source of motivation you need. In the midst of multiple distractions, you may lose the essence of your actions. However, knowing your why will enable you to cut through several distractions, dejections, and disappointments.

Motivation can come from anywhere. As a matter of fact, it is better to be motivated by negative factors like regrets and fear, than to live life lethargically. When you embrace all sources of motivation, not only do you have improved confidence, your competence is enhanced.

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