Why Inspiration Matters


Inspiration is defined literally as the action of breathing. Figuratively, it could be the action of breathing in some idea, vision, feeling or emotion into the mind. The human mind as we know it, is wired in such a way that it’s always looking for purpose and meaning. We all too often came across those times when we feel stuck, unable and unwilling to carry on with whatever is at hand. Times when you need to dig deep to feel excited about your work or life.

The inspiration, motivation, insight, aspiration, and expectation are positive words. These words play important role in your life. Sometimes you notice them. Sometimes you do not. The only problem with these words is, you need to put them into action to get most out of them. Here, we will consider the word inspiration to understand about it. We need to understand why it is necessary. Why is it important? How to get inspired? Ways to inspire? In addition, why inspiration matters? Inspiration will have a very big impact on both your professional and personal life. It also affects your development and growth. In this article, we will look at why inspiration matters. To do that we need to know everything about it and effects of it on your life.

What is an inspiration?

Inspiration Why It Matters

Many people get confused between motivation and inspiration. That is the reason we need to define it in simple words. This word has Latin origin and it means inspirare or divine guidance. Inspiration is nothing but a strong feeling, which generates inside you to do a positive work. It will come from inside. It is feeling towards achieving something. If it is taken seriously then it always takes you towards your goal. In technicality, it is the ability of a person to identify inner strength and understand the strength inside him to elevate his work standards.

Why do we need inspiration?

To understand its impact, we need to understand, why we need it. Let us consider one example. Suppose you are obese. What is your inspiration? I am not talking about motivation. Inspiration is a feeling from inside. First, the thing is you feel you are obese. That is the feeling of inspiration. If you know you are obese then obviously you know that you need to lose weight. Identifying the problem itself is an inspiration. Then you will look at yourself. Your clothes do not fit you. You do not look beautiful. You have bad health. You want to become quick. You want to enjoy everything way you enjoyed when you were lean. You want to jump. You want to run. There are so many reasons. Therefore, we need the inspiration to have an impact on our health and body structure.

How inspiration matters, when it comes to your thinking

Remember, inspiration always starts from inside. That is your thinking. The inspiration may be positive or it may be negative. However, more often than not it is positive. If it leans towards negative then it loses its meaning and become evil thought. Therefore, inspiration moves you towards the positive frame of mind. For example, your teacher tells you to fight for your existence. Then you need to fight those who suppress you and molest you. This does not mean you fight for your existence when you know you committed a crime. Then you become a psychopath and a convict. Therefore, it is evident that it matters in your thinking. So that you can work towards good and fair.

Inspiration is the building block for your creativity

Let us say you want to do something. You are desperate and you do not know what to do. Then you will not accomplish anything. That is where inspiration comes. It is the building block of your creative thought and idea. If you create something then you will have more inspiration to create better thing than previous. It keeps on adding new concepts, ideas, objectives, and goals in your life to create and upgrade new things. Most of the people are in a state of an inspiration but the effort is lacking. For example, I want to write a crime novel. I know what to write and how to write. However, I am not finding enough time for the work or maybe I am not that motivated. I just have inspiration.

Inspiration pushes you towards your goal

As I said earlier, I want to write a crime novel but I cannot find enough time to write it. So how can I start and finish the book? Then inspiration jumps in. it inspires you to reach your goal by setting milestones. It inspires you to create smaller goals to reach the big goal. When you have a number of smaller goals then the difficulty of the task is less. This less difficulty will inspire you as the task look smaller. For example, if you have a big pile of wood then you feel the burden of chopping that wood in a day. However, when you have smaller piles every day then it becomes easy for you. This is how inspires you to move towards your goal.

It has big impact on your health and it matters to you

Health is very important for everyone. If you have good health then you can achieve your goals. If you do not then you cannot. On top of that, you will face different health issues, which will cause pain to you. With inspiration, you will do all necessary daily works. You will eat well. You will think well. You will have a good standard of life. If you have a good standard of health, then you will sleep well. If you sleep well then you will wake up with a fresh mind. Fresh mind means good health. Good health means proper work. Proper work means a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle means good sleep. The cycle repeats itself. This is why inspiration matters in your life.

We as humans, can both inspire others or be inspired ourselves.
“We rise by lifting others” – Robert Ingersoll

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