Finding Inspiration

At a loss for inspiration? If you’ve hit a creative block, there are many ways to overcome it quickly. Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling again:

Slow Down

First, ask yourself if you’ve hit a creative wall or if you’re simply burnt out. Like everything, our creativity sometimes needs a break. Or, in other words, sometimes we need a mental break. If you’ve been working yourself too hard, it might be time to take a brief step back and rejuvenate yourself. Take some time to breathe and re-focus before trying to dive back in. Sometimes this break is exactly what you need to find a spark of inspiration.

Perhaps you can go for a walk outside or just sit down to a good book for a little while. Give your mind a chance to take a short break and you’ll likely get a burst of motivation with no further steps needed.

But, if you are still in search of a place to find that motivation, keep reading.

Ask Yourself…

One of the best ways to spark up an idea is to have a conversation with someone who knows you well. However, there’s another way to get ideas, and that’s to simply ask yourself a few questions to get yourself thinking.Finding Inspiration

  • What am I trying to accomplish? Ask yourself this question to figure out why you are doing what you’re doing. Visualize your end goal and, better yet, write it down. Writing down a goal makes it that much more tangible and achievable, and it’s a great way to motivate yourself.
  • What was my original plan? Oftentimes, we change and adapt our projects as we go along. The current version you’re going after might be perfect, but perhaps you can gain some idea or inspiration by thinking back to your initial plan for the project.
  • What’s been my best idea so far? Analyze your project. What part do you like about it best so far? Ask yourself why and take inspiration from that.

Go Backwards

We all know the trick of re-tracing your steps when you’ve lost something, and a similar tactic can be used to regain your motivation, train of thought, and original mindset. Sit down and breathe for a few moments to help you focus yourself, and then begin thinking backward through your project. Start with where you are now and think back through all the steps you’ve taken to get to this point in your work. The key to this method is to fully see each step in your mind’s eye.

Now, if this doesn’t give you enough inspiration, once you get all the way back to the start, go forwards through the steps again but this time, go further. Visualize all the steps past the point you’re at now and think about all the steps you’re going to take to get to where you want to go with it.

This tactic is sure to help you get in the right mindset and find your inspiration again!

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